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Secluded Gardens 2022

Sidmouth will be opening its "Secluded Gardens"  in Summer from Thurs 23th June - Mon 27th June (inclusive)

'The 'Secluded Gardens of Sidmouth' are open in 2022  for two events: one in Spring and one in Summer.

SIB is hoping that the Covid pandemic now has eased and life is more 'normal'.  Tickets will be on sale for £6 per adult (child under 16 free) for all gardens, or £2 per single garden and can be purchased at the gate of each garden.  Teas served at selected venues. EDDC Market Place noticeboard will have a list of gardens opening for the two sessions.  Enquiries email:    Click again on 'Secluded Gardens/Gardens' in menu to  open to view descriptions of each garden as well as opening times, dates, addresses etc. Opening is subject to Covid-19 government rulings.

Gardens Open.June              Conditions                   Thurs.               Fri                Sat.             Sun               Mon

                                                                                       23rd                24th              25th.           26th.              27th

Helen & Ian  Crackston         Dogs on short            Not open         Not open      1-5pm      1-5pm.        Not open 

Fairpark,                                      leash

Knowle Drive        .                No wheelchairs 

EX10 8HW                              No teas

 Di Fuller                                No dogs                       Not open       Not open       1-5pm.       1 - 5pm.  . Not open

Woodpeckers                         No wheelchairs

Knowle Drive                         Teas served

EX10 8HW

Barbara Mence                       Dogs on short.        2 - 5.30pm.     2 - 5.30pm.    2-5.30pm.  Not open.  Not open

Rowan Bank                               leash

44 Woolbrook Park.               No wheelchairs

EX10 9DX                                No teas

Mrs R Aldridge                        No dogs,                    Not open.       Not open.     2-5pm.     Not open   Not open 

12 Sidlands,                             No teas

EX10 8UE

Mr Martin Ward &                  No dogs,                      Not open       Not open       2-5 pm.   Not open.   Not open

David Spring                         Wheelchair access

15 Sidlands                             No teas

EX10 9UE

Sally Atkinson                       No dogs                        Not open.    10-12.30pm. Not open.  10-12.30pm  Not

17 All Saints Rd                      Wheelchair access                         & 2- 4.30pm                      2-4.30pm    open

EX10 8ER                               Teas


Lynette Talbot &                    Dog on short                2-5.30pm.    2-5.30pm     2-5.30pm   2-5.30pm. 2-5.30pm

Peter Endersby                       leash

Byes Reach                            Wheelchair access

26 Coulsdon Rd                    Teas served

EX10 9JP                                Plants

Drs Jean & John Twibell     No dogs                       Not Open.    Not Open.     1-5pm.        1-5pm.        Not open    Farthingwood                     Wheelchair access

Broadway                             limited

EX10 8HS                              No teas


Elaine Trinick.                      No dogs

35 Barn Hayes                     No wheelchairs          

EX10 9EE                              Light refreshments      Not open.     Not open.      1-5pm.       1 - 5pm.      Not open







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