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Friday 28th June  to Mon 1st July

8 Beautiful gardens to visit in Sidmouth.  Parking on street.

Tickets available at the gate: £8 for all gardens or £2 at the gate for each. Children free.

ADDRESS                             OPENING TIME/S                              DESCRIPTION


Farthingwood’            Sat. 10.30am - 5pm                  Formerly part of Balfour Manor grounds with many

     Broadway.                                                                        magnificent trees, shrubs and unusual plants,  Actively

     EX10 8HS                                                                         managed to promote biodiversity, encouraging local wildlife,

                                                                                                 wildflowers & native orchids.  Cultivated organically with 'No Dig'

                                                                                                  vegetable beds.  Home to the National Collection of Artemisia.

                                        Sorry no dogs, Limited parking for wheelchair access only. No teas

                                        Please park on Road. or Knowle Car Park. No WC with Wheelchair access.


  1 North Garth,           Sat & Sun 10.30am-3pm.        NEW:  Lovely secret garden, very close to the seafront filled with

     Station Road.                                                                  exotic plants from the Southern Hemisphere giving it a tropical

      EX10 8NY                                                                          jungle vibe. Gravel garden, woodland walk leading to delightful 

                                                                                                  sitting area - bring an ice cream and enjoy it in a wonderful setting.

                                          Dogs on Short Leads, Wheelchair access. No Parking, use town car parks. No teas


Weston House’                 Fri - Mon 2pm -5pm.          Plant addict's garden with gravel area, newly introduced cutting

Boughmore Road.                       TEAS                               garden.  Lots of sitting areas offering views to the sea and across to

EX10 8SJ                                                                                  the hills. Large sunny terrace.  Wildlife pond.  Wildflower meadow.


                                           Sorry no dogs, no wheelchair access.  Teas served


‘Edgmond’                          Mon.  2 - 5pm             Glorious garden with several characterful and varied planting

Boughmore Road.                                                          styles.  Mature trees set attractively in the space.  Enjoy far 

EX10 8SJ                                                                            reaching views of the sea and hills,

                                                     Sorry no dogs, no wheelchair access. No Teas.  Parking on Road


‘Moose Holt’,                 Sat 1 - 5pm                NEW. Fabulous landscaped, 3-tiered garden with lots of 

Boughmore Road.                                            different 'secret rooms and themes' framed by mature yew

 EX10 8SH                                                          hedges.  Amazing views across to hills and the sea.

                          Sorry no dogs, no wheelchair access. Street Parking lower down the hill



Byes Reach’                 Fri - Mon 2 - 5pm.    Gorgeous secluded garden backing onto the Byes, colour-

26 Coulsdon Road                   TEAS                       themed borders, rill, pond, rockery, fern hostas, raised vegetable

EX10 9JP                                                         beds, long fruit espalier archway.

                      Dogs on Short Leads, Wheelchair access. Parking on street. TEAS (GF &LF)


33 Woolbrook Rise.     Sat 1 - 5pm                A hidden gem.  Landscaped terraced garden with herbaceous

EX10 9UD                                                        borders, pond, fruit & vegetables.  Mature trees.  Patio area. with                                                                            views to the sea.                          

                                            Sorry no dogs, no wheelchair access


Carrick’                        Sat 1 - 5pm               Beautiful garden with a wonderful front borders of herbaceous 

15 Sidlands.                                                    plants and shrubs, interesting and unusual plants, gravel garden,

EX10 9UE                                                        large fruit & vegetable area, Greenhouse. Views to the sea.

                                            Sorry no dogs, good wheelchair access. Parking on street. NO teas.

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