Saturday 31st July 2021 (Cancelled to increase in Covid)

Name & Address               Times Open                   Description

1.L. Talbot

Byes Reach,                                       1.30  - 5pm               1/4 acre plantsman's garden. Long fruit espalier archway, rill, colour themed

26 Coulsdon Road,                          Teas                                    borders, ferns,hostas,  rockery, greenhouses, raised vegetable beds


EX10 9JP2.

2.H & I Crackston

 Fairpark                                           1.30 - 5pm                 Floriferous garden on many levels, beautiful borders of roses & herbaceous 

Knowle Drive,                                                                           plants.  Acers, water feature, rockeries, behind the Knowle brick wall.


EX10 8HP

3. D. Rendell & B Theisen

21 Coulsdon Road,                         1.30 - 5pm                Contemporary take on a cottage garden mixing ornamental grasses with

Sidmouth                                                                                  colourful perennials, shrubs and trees.  Colours are repeated and bounced

EX10  9JJ                                                                                           around the garden. Various seating area and veg plot with cut flower patch